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Institut Tecnologic de Barcelona (its acronym is ITB)  is a public centre located in Barcelona. It is a legal entity that depends on  the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia like the rest of Catalonia schools. 

ITB is a new  technological HEI, that opened in the 2018-2019 academic year,  specializing in technology training, teaching robotics, information technology (IT) and computers, and focuses on the development of the  digital skills of students and answering the new challenges that the industry 4.0 poses and developing the hard and soft skills required by the emerging labour markets and the economy.

It is an Integrated Vocational Educational and Training School that offers basic vocational training (2 degrees), Intermediate Vocational Training (1 degree) and Advanced training cycles (5 degree). 

At the same time, it was an inter-institutional agreement with the Barcelona council and it offers 3 professional courses call “Cases dels Oficis Digitals”  aimed at young people without training and some time with a clarity risk of social exclusion to find a new vocation and to rejoin the academic world and improving their digital skills employability, and their ability to participate actively in society.

From the beginning, ITB has been aware that International mobility and projects will be a fundamental part of our institution given that main objectives are to help the entire educational community to increase their professional, digital, social and intercultural skills and to improve their employability. 
Exchanges offer to participants the opportunity to enhance their understanding and ability to cooperate with other lifestyles and ways of thought, developing active and committed citizenship and promoting European values
In summary, they are a fundamental way to improve the quality of education and the curricula offered.

Looking at its technological profile, internationalization constitutes a vital part of the Educational Project of the Centre for the coming years. In the present academic year, ITB has a specific office for coordinating mobility projects and international contacts.

The ITB international office is a service of our high school that manages the international projects and mobility of students, teachers and staff, and offers outgoing and incoming students and staff interested in participating, all the information they may need. 
Its main aim is to guarantee, enhance the quality of each individual mobility. 
In addition, It encourages international relations with other institutions, mainly in the European Union, facilitate the development of innovative business practices and promote cooperation with schools, companies and institutions

In 2021 the institution was awarded with The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 (ECHE).

At this link we can see our Erasmus Policy Statement.

Contact details of ITB international office :

     Institut Tecnològic de Barcelona 
     International and mobility projects
     Mobility coordinator: Lina Camprubí Santasusana
     Phone: (+34) 937 070 020
     email: mobility@itb.cat
     PIC: 897854796
     OID: E10209582

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